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For more than 40 years, Kendal has worked to transform our culture's view of aging and of older persons, stressing the potential for fulfillment and continuing contribution during the later stages of life.


in our stated values and in the spirit of community and collaboration that emanates from their practice.


by working with older people, and others in the broader community, to create conditions that foster independence, well-being, security, and fulfillment in later years.


the full impact of our work as the transformation of our culture's view of aging, of older persons, and of the potential for fulfillment and continuing contribution during the later stages of life.


by the deeply held belief and confirming observations that the later stages of life can bring new opportunities for growth and development even if emerging challenges may bring some loss of independence.


when all people in our society approach the later years with an understanding of the aging process, with an appreciation of the potential for continued growth and development, and with realistic plans to address the variety of circumstances that may arise during the later period of life.

Together, transforming the experience of aging.®

Discover Kendal

Lifelong learning at a Kendal retirement community

Renewal is the New Retirement

Aging has its advantages. Newfound freedom brings new possibilities. New horizons beckon. Maybe now is the time to step into a setting where retirement and growing older bring new opportunities for growth and lifelong learning. Whether you're looking for the intellectual and cultural stimulation of a college town or a big city, Kendal has a community for you.

Intergenerational bonding with seniors

New Opportunities

Kendal's approach is based on the philosophy that retirement and growing older can bring new opportunities for growth and development. We encourage all persons to make the most of new opportunities and new relationships. We seek to preserve an atmosphere of mutual respect, dignity, caring, and trust for all. Freedom and privacy are inherent qualities of life in a Kendal community, and each individual may find life enhanced by friendships, continuing learning, and pursuits new or old, active or quiet, in a variety of settings.

Seniors paint in Kendal's community art studio

A Passion for Lifelong Learning

Ties to higher education are a natural outgrowth of Kendal's commitment to continuing learning. Because of their shared passion for lifelong learning, Kendal residents, staff and board members became pioneers in establishing ties to leading colleges and universities–including Dartmouth, Oberlin, Cornell, Denison, Amherst, Smith, LaSalle, the University of Delaware, Virginia Military Institute and Washington & Lee University.

Pool and aquatics at a senior wellness center

A Lifestyle of Renewal and Discovery

Kendal communities take pride in providing outstanding services and amenities in beautiful settings with enriching indoor and outdoor spaces. With exceptional surroundings where you may be as quiet or active as you wish–from individual passions and varied cultural opportunities to comprehensive wellness and health care choices–it's a lifestyle designed to transform the experience of aging.

Seniors enjoy water aerobics at a Kendal continuing care retirement community

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Choices

Kendal offers all-inclusive wellness and health care choices to enhance your sense of freedom and security in retirement. Our communities provide attractive accommodations, residential services, wellness programs, fitness centers and on-site health care for life. An entrance fee and ongoing monthly fees cover the costs under a choice of lifetime contracts between the resident and the community.

Kendal's approach to health care and wellness involves residents playing an active role in their care, while continuing to maintain the highest level of independence as possible. Our approach to healthy aging encompasses nutritional, social, psychological and spiritual needs, as well as physical needs. Also supporting this approach is our full continuum of care throughout a resident's lifetime. Kendal's commitment to the resident ensures that health care needs are met in a way that is consistent with our Values and Practices.

Sustainable Senior Retirement Home

Sustaining and improving our environment

Kendal communities strive to conduct their activities in an ecologically sound, socially responsible and economically prudent manner. In serving older people, Kendal takes special care to minimize community members' exposure to harmful substances. Kendal stresses spacious, natural environments and buildings that are aesthetically compatible with their surroundings. Construction of 48 new LEED-certified "green" cottages was completed in 2012 at Kendal at Longwood near Philadelphia.

Senior Community donation for education

Engaged and Collaborative

The renowned "Kendal spirit" is attributable to Kendal residents, who design and direct the recreational, intellectual, social and spiritual life of each community. Kendal residents and staff contribute expertise and thousands of hours of their time each year to support education and wellness efforts in their larger communities. And student involvement in Kendal communities spans the spectrum from daycare to graduate-level research.

Deep roots that sustain us

Values and Practices

The deep roots that sustain Kendal are found in Kendal Values and Practices. They ensure that Kendal continues to share the spirit of community and collaboration, and the respect for each individual that flow from the principles of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Kendal is a system of nonsectarian, not-for-profit communities and services for older adults.

Kendal's commitment to the resident ensures that all needs are met in a way that is consistent with our values and practices.

View an online version of our Values and Practices booklet: Values and Practices

Fiscal Integrity and Transparency in Governance

Values rooted in Quaker principles led Kendal to establish a federal-type governance system that blends autonomy with shared strengths. Each Kendal community is an independently owned and operated not-for-profit organization with its own volunteer board. Affiliates' assets are not put at risk to undertake new growth and development. Assets remain within each local organization and under the care of each community's staff and volunteer board.

Kendal has a community for you

Kendal Communities

Whether you're looking for the intellectual and cultural stimulation of a college town or a big city, Kendal has a community for you.



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